Enrollment is currently closed

Tuition & Fees

Full-Time Enrollment

Infants: $165

One’s: $155

Two’s: $145

Three’s: $140

Four’s: $140

4K Transitioning to Kindergarten Summer Program: $145

Part-Time Enrollment

Infants & Creepers (3 days per week): $125
One – Four Years (3 days per week): $115

After-School: $75
Summer After-School: TBA
Drop-In: $40/day

Annual Fees


Registration: $100.00
Supply Fees (semi-annual):

  • Infants & Creepers: $45
  • Ones: $55
  • Twos, Threes, Fours: $75 

Workbook Fees: 

  • Ones: $45.00

  • Twos: $85.00

  • Threes: $115.00

  • Fours: $120.00

Miscellaneous Fees:


Field Trips: Varies by classroom
Graduation: $TBA (4k only)
Summer Activity Fees:

  • Ones: $50 for June and July
  • Twos & Threes: $55 for June and July
  • Fours & Fives: $75 for June and July
  • Afterschool: $155 Weekly


(Not included in tuition or other miscellaneous fees.)



Tuition is due in advance on or before each Monday morning.

Tuition is considered delinquent if not paid by Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. A $10 fee will be charged for late payments on for accounts that are past due!

Checks, cash, money orders, credit cards, or draft are all acceptable forms of payment.


Families who have more than one child attending the center will be given a discount. Each additional child will receive a $10 discount off the eldest child’s tuition.

No discounts for drop-ins, part-time or after-school children.