Policies & Procedures

Parent Participation:

Our children really enjoy parents participating in their group activities. If you have time during the year to assist with an activity, please inform your child’s teachers or contact the office. Resource persons (parents) and resource materials are always appreciated by the students and teachers. If your child or family has any items to share relating to our units of study or interest, please notify the teacher. If you have a hobby you would like to share with the children, notify the office or your child’s teacher.

Daily Reports:

PLEASE READ YOUR DAILY REPORTS EVERY DAY. All children, except for after-school children, will receive a daily report. This report contains important information such as what your child has eaten, learned, when they slept, all activities/incidents, and important reminders for parents.

Arrival and Departure:

Children should be taken to their classroom each morning. Parents are responsible for signing their child in and out of the center using the check in system. Please adhere to all the rules regarding the computer check-in/out system. This system has been put into place to guarantee your child’s safety. Parents need to fill out the pick-up authorization forms if they want someone else to pick up their child(ren). If parents have not turned this form in, then they will need to notify the office in writing if there is a need for someone else to pick up their child. The person picking up must stop at the front desk and show identification. A late fee will be added to your account if your child has not been picked up by 6:00 p.m.

Parent Objection Process:

If a situation arises where you feel you/your child’s needs have not been met, please notify the center’s directors. If the situation is not immediately resolved through them, then you may contact the owner at any time. We would appreciate any feedback that could better our center and maximize your child’s experience. Please email us if you would like to submit an online suggestion, comment, or concern.